Monday, October 20, 2014

10.20 Help Fund 'Blood Relations' The Series:

Are you guys looking to help out a couple of sexy vampire chicks? Yes? Now is your chance! A new web series is kicking off, that will focus on modern vampires in Los Angeles... The series will Star: Sinn Sage and Celeste Star - Written and Produced By: Damon Gerhardt...

Story: In the darkest hours of night, while the rest of Los Angeles sleeps, a clan of vampires roams the streets, stalking their prey and searching for victims...and for true love. "Blood Relations" is a web series about the lives of vampires living in present day L.A. Because of a curse placed upon them hundreds of years ago, these predators are restricted to only drinking certain types of blood. The story focuses on 3 female vampires. Sinn Sage plays Kayla who can only drink the blood of adult men.

It’s a shame because she’d much rather be sucking on the necks of beautiful young women. Her life changes when she meets a mysterious young woman named Chloe. But Chloe may not be what she seems. Celeste Star is Amanda, the young wife of a controlling husband. She longs for freedom and carries on an affair with a non-vampire. When her husband finds out about it, the story comes to a stunning conclusion. Sasha can only drink the blood of virgins 18 and over. In L.A…good luck! Weak from lack of nourishment, she concocts a demented plan to obtain the precious blood she needs.

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