Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update For "GHOSTBUSTERS" Sequel:

It doesn't look like a sequel to Paul Feig's "GHOSTBUSTERS" will happen anytime soon, if ever.. According to THR, Sony is looking at a $70 million dollar loss - the film needed to gross $300 million worldwide just to break even.. It stands at around $180 million, with only a few markets left to open..

It now appears the studio is looking to produce an animated feature and release in to theaters in 2019.. There is also a new animated series Ghostbusters: Ecto Force coming in 2018..

The studio told THR: "We’re very proud of the bold movie Paul Feig made, which critics and audiences loved,” a studio rep told THR. “It has enlivened a 30-year-old brand and put it into the modern zeitgeist. As a result, we have many ideas in the works to further exploit the Ghostbusters universe.”