Thursday, December 29, 2016

12.29 Release Date For 'The Summoning':

Press Release: Chicago born actor-producer Phil Adkins, who recently starred in the award-winning fantasy film 4am Gas Station Muzak, has announced that his latest movie, The Summoning, is being released worldwide on January 10, 2017, through Gravitas Ventures.

The supernatural horror movie, based on hauntings around the town of Sugar Land, Texas, also stars Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Leila Almas (Sweet Darling), Jaime Zevallos (“Animal Kingdom”), Razaaq Adoti (Black Hawk Down), Rheagan Wallace (Deep in the Heart), Aaron Perilo (“True Blood”), and Dominican Republic actress Katherine Castro.

“I had a great time working on The Summoning in Texas. Eric Roberts and Razaaq Adoti were both great in the film as well as on set,” said Adkins. “I learned a lot from working with them, as well as Jaime Zevallos and Leila Almas. This movie has a lot of great elements to it, offering something for all film lovers. It is character-driven, has plenty of action, and is an emotionally moving story. I hope you love it!”

Written and directed by Alberto G. Rodriguez and produced by two-time Emmy winner Cristian Luna, the movie follows law student Rachel Iverson (Almas), who places her life in danger while investigating the disappearance of another law student, Clayton Ward (Adkins); and Chief Lubbock (Roberts) assigns Detective Jonathan Silva (Zevallos) to her case.

Weaving together real facts and elements of the supernatural, the story tells of spirits that have returned to speak to the living. During production, the cast and crew experienced an “eerie presence” while filming in the historic and famed haunted sites of Imperial Sugar Company refinery and the Richmond Police Department.