Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Release Date For Brazilian Horror Flick "The Trace We Leave Behind":

On March 30th, Brazilian psychological horror flick "The Trace We Leave Behind aka O RASTRO", will land in theaters.. The film Stars: Leandra Leal, Rafael Cardoso, Felipe Camargo, Alice Wegmann, Gustavo Novaes, Érico Brás, Jonas Bloch, Júlia Lund and Cláudia Abreu..

Plot: Set against Brazil’s roiling social unrest and centers on bright, recently-promoted doctor Joao, who is tasked with coordinating the overnight transfer of patients when yet another public hospital is closed in Rio. When a young girl patient goes missing, he tries to locate her, and is gradually drawn into a world he wishes he had never entered...

Written By: Beatriz Manela and André Pereira - Directed By: J.C. Feyer..