Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20 Kickstarter Campaign For Patrick Corcoran's "Fire On The Mountain":

Dazed and Confused meets Jeepers Creepers! A new Kickstarter campaign is underway for Patrick Corcoran's upcoming horror comedy "Fire On The Mountain"..

Taking cues from classic coming of age tales and blending it with the atmospheric horror of Stephen King, Fire on the Mountain is a relentlessly fun addition to the horror genre. Filled with an ensemble of endearing characters, a rollicking soundtrack, and founded on the principle that it's what is unseen that terrifies the most, the feature film is a hilarious and bone chilling plunge into the sun soaked back roads of rural Pennsylvania. The story will center around a centuries old demon being released from the depths of an abandoned coal mine, a ragtag group of teenagers must join together to keep it from terrorizing their small Pennsylvania town...

Written and Directed By: Patrick Corcoran - The film will Star: Hannah Weir (as Laura Beth), Taylor Rosen (as Mars), Crystal Evans (as Sophie), Billy Brannigan (as Michael) and Aaron Dalla Villa (as Lennon)..

If you guys would like to contribute, please visit: If you guys would like to contribute, please visit: Fire On The Mountain' Kickstarter Page..