Thursday, March 30, 2017

3/30 Trailer And Release Date For "The Evangelist":

The trailer for Joseph Pepitone's horror thriller "The Evangelist", has made it's way online.. On May 9, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/eOne Entertainment will release the film on to DVD..

Plot: The Evangelist' tells the story of Bill Horton who at seven years old watched in horror as a serial killer murdered his mother. Known as The Evangelist, he places a bible next to her body and quotes scripture as he leaves Bill alone and destroyed. Thirty years later, Bill has grown up and appears to be a model citizen, spending his days cleaning his house and baking.

He has, however, picked up the mantle of the Evangelist, killing those who he finds wicked and evil and leaving a bible by their bodies. Bill only opens up to Dr. Laura Cooper, a psychiatrist, who discovers Bill’s dark secret. She contacts young Detective Edward Legros who is working on the case with his cynical, veteran partner, Detective John Vance. But what Vance knows about the original Evangelist will lead to a bloody showdown...

Cast: Keith Collins, Doug Bollinger, Michael Billy, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, Billy Sample, Gervase Peterson, Serena Pallottini, Jennifer Thal, Jeff Quinlan and Samantha Artese.. Written By: Joseph Pepitone, Billy Pepitone and Keith Collins - Directed By: Joseph Pepitone..