Friday, March 31, 2017

3/31 Stan Shaw Will Take On The Creeper:

The awesome Stan Shaw has signed on to star in Victor Salva's upcoming sequel "Jeepers Creepers 3".. Shaw will play the sheriff, he will be joining Meg Foster and Gina Philips (returning as Trish) the character appeared in the first Jeepers Creepers - Philips has not been confirmed as of yet..

Written and Directed By: Victor Salva.. Plot: Twenty three years ago Gaylen’s son Kenny Brandon was one of the Creeper’s victims. Leaving in this shattered woman a burning vendetta. When her long dead son starts to appear to her with warnings about the creature who killed him – Gaylen plots to use the information to end the creature once and for all.

Stan Shaw has appeared in : Rocky, The Great Santini, Tough Enough, The Monster Squad, Harlem Nights, Fried Green Tomatoes, Snake Eyes..