Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/23 I Watched "PULSE (1988)":

PULSE is a wonderful 80s sci-fi horror flick, the story centers around a young boy David (played by Joey Lawrence) visiting his divorced father Bill (played by Cliff De Young) for the summer.. The boy soon discovers there is an evil paranormal intelligence inhabiting within the electrical grid system of Los Angeles..

If you enjoy 80s sci-fi horror, you will definitely love PULSE.. The vibe of the flick kind of reminded me of The Gate (1987), another awesome 80s horror movie.. The film is not prefect, some might find it a bit slow.. It's rated PG-13, so gore count is extremely low.. But the flick does have a pretty intense shower scene..

Usually child actors give very wooden performances but I thought Joey Lawrence did excellent job.. Once again Cliff De Young gives a great performance as the dad..

Roxanne Hart plays the step mom (Ellen) she is the only one besides David that believes something strange is going on in the neighborhood .. Matthew Lawrence (Joey Lawrence's little brother) plays Stevie, his actually pretty damn funny - his the only kid willing to hang out with David..

I'm going to give the film a Grade: B