Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/23 Trailer, Poster And Release Date For "American Exorcism":

On May 22nd Uncork’d Entertainment will release Tripp Weathers possession flick "American Exorcism" on to VOD, with a DVD release coming August 1st.. The film stars: Jessica Morris, Michael Filipowich, Sicily Fontaine, Luke Wright, John Paul Sales, William McKinney, Kate Tumanova and Jennifer Lee Wiggins..

Plot: Damon (Michael Filipowich, Longmire) was once possessed by a vicious demonic entity leaving him physically and emotionally damaged but giving him certain powerful abilities. Unfortunately for Damon exorcised demons don’t truly die and they certainly don’t forget...

Written and Directed by: Tripp Weathers.. You can check out the official trailer and poster for the flick, down below..