Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4/25 IFC Midnight Takes Austin Reading’s "Darkness Rising":

IFC Midnight has acquired the North American rights to Austin Reading’s upcoming genre-bending horror sci-fi flick "Darkness Rising".. The film Stars: Katrina Law, Tara Holt, Heather Mazur, Myk Watford, Christian Ganiere, Ted Raimi and Bryce Johnson..

Plot: Haunted by a mysterious past, the lone survivor of a family massacre revisits her childhood home on the eve of its destruction, awakening the otherworldly evil that resides there...

Written By: Vikram Weet and Directed By: Austin Reading.. Darkness Rising is produced By: Jason Potash, Paul Finkel, Marcus Dean Fuller, Julie S. Fuller, Ruth Du, Harris Kauffman and Vikram Weet..