Wednesday, April 26, 2017

4/26 Trailer And Release Date For "Deep In The Wood":

The official trailer for Stefano Lodovichi's horror thriller "Deep In The Wood", is now online.. The film Stars: Filippo Nigro, Camilla Filippi, Teo Achille Caprio, Stefano Pietro Detassis, Maria Vittoria Barrella, Roberto Gudese, Luca Filippi, Andrea Brunello, Uber. Beatrice, Alessandro Corabi and Giovanni Vettorazzo..

Plot: Winter 2010. Dolomites. Tommaso Conci, a 4 year old child, disappears during a festival where people disguised as devils, the Krampus, terrorize the village with whips and chains. Five years later, a child was found nameless and without documents. DNA matches: he is Tommi. Manuel, the father, can finally embrace his son. The mother, Linda, however, can not adapt to the new situation. A suspect digs inside her: what if that child is not really her son?

Written By: Stefano Lodovichi, Isabella Aguilar and Davide Orsini - Directed By: Stefano Lodovichi.. Deep In The Wood' will premiere On Demand June 13th with a DVD release coming September 27th, via Uncork’d Entertainment..