Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Clip For "Wichita":

A new clip (Thanks to DreadCentral.com) for Matthew Ward and Justyn Ah Chong's Upcoming horror thriller "Wichita", has made it's way online.. The flick Stars: Travor Peterson (Sky), Caitlin Gerard (The Social Network, Magic Mike), and Persia White (“The Vampire Diaries”)..

Plot: When Jeb (Trevor Peterson) leads a writing retreat to Aspen with a team of young writers intending to save his failing kids’ TV show, it becomes a new opportunity for his hidden cameras – and hidden rage.

Wichita explores the pain of a modern mass killer on a frighteningly familiar level. As a voyeuristic director struggles to find dignity in a cruel world that has alienated him to the point of no return, this taut, provocative play on the horror genre leads to a disturbing, emotional climax.

Written By: Matthew D. Ward - Directed By: Justyn Ah Chong and Matthew D. Ward.. On June 20th Wichita' will land on dvd, Digital HD platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play..