Friday, May 19, 2017

Trailer For Another Found Footage Flick "The Lost Case":

The trailer for the new found footage flick "The Lost Case" has worked it's way online.. The film Stars: Pradanai Nateprasertkul, Sirapakorn Sereedonprasert, Panjai Sirisuwan, Wanlop Saengjoy, and Jeerapan Pachrkaw.

Plot: ITT and POR are newbies in a production company that produces a popular television show called Ghost Doctor TV. In each episode, people who believe that they are possessed will contact the production team for help. A shaman, MASTER PLA will then attempt to help them through exorcism. To pass the probation, Itt and Por have to work together to produce a perfect episode.

They were assigned the case of a man, CHAI, who is at wit's end with his wife, AUENG, who has been acting strange since the suicide of their daughter. Itt and Por go to their village to meet them to gather more information. They also conducted interviews in the village, and set up cameras in their house to detect paranormal activity. But then, many bizarre and eerie events start happening, and a bigger problem unfolds...

Written and Directed By: Shayan Itthijatuphorn..