Thursday, June 1, 2017

6/1 My Thoughts On "Amityville Exorcism":

"Amityville Exorcism" centers around possessed lumber that apparently came from the old 'Amityville Horror' house, a construction worker decides to use the lumber in another house in the town of Amityville.. The evil lumber causes the teenage girl living in the house to become possessed, now the father of the girl must put faith in a mysterious priest..

LOL yeah, ok.. First of all this is nothing but attempted cash crab trying to capitalize on the Amityville Horror - I'm not even sure if you can classify this flick as a b movie.. Don't get me wrong I'm all for independent movies.. But at least try to put a little effort in to it, other than the lead girl (Marie DeLorenzo, at least she was having fun with it) the acting is horrible..

The story is a silly contrived mess with bad directing and poor makeup effects.. The most positive thing I can say about this film, I thought the poster for the movie was decent.. I'm sure this flick will be popping up in Wal-Mart eventually for $9.96 or RedBox.. Do not waste your money, you will regret it.. Amityville Exorcism gets a Grade F..

Cast: Marie DeLorenzo, Jeff Kirkendall, Austin Dragovich and James Carolus.. Directed By: Mark Polonia..