Friday, July 21, 2017

7/21 My Thoughts On "DEAD AWAKE":

Dead Awake is a dull film that centers around on a young woman suffering from sleep paralysis.. She soon discovers an evil being is stalking her, and her friends.. Now she must find away to combat this ancient terror..

Dead Awake is written by Jeffrey Reddick, who also wrote Final Destination 1&2 and the very underrated Return to Cabin by the Lake and Tamara - so I was kind of looking forward to it..

But unfortunately the film is a very slow pace sleep induced gloomy affair.. And when things do start happening on screen, it's just not that interesting..

The cast Jocelin Donahue, Jesse Bradford, Jesse Borrego, Brea Grant and Lori Petty - do decent enough of a job with what they have to work with, which is not much..

If you are looking for insomnia relief, than Dead Awake may be the film for you..

Grade: C