Friday, July 28, 2017

7/28 New Clip For "Open Water 3: Cage Dive":

A new clip has made it's way online (via for "Open Water 3: Cage Dive".. Back in June it was announced that, Lionsgate would resurrect it's long dead Open Water franchise with Gerald Rascionato's Australian shark thriller..

The film Stars: Mark Fell, Megan Peta Hill, Josh Potthoff, Pete Valley, Tara Wraith and Joel Hogan..

Plot: The story centers around three American tourists making an audition tape of a shark cage dive for a reality TV show. A catastrophic turn of events leaves them stranded in the waters of South Australia surrounded by hungry great white sharks...

Written By: Gerald Rascionato and Stephen Lister - Directed By: Gerald Rascionato.. The film is set to land in theaters (limited) and VOD August 11th..