Thursday, July 6, 2017

7/6 Trailer, No Trailer For "Ghost House" Starring Scout Taylor-Compton:

The official trailer for Rich Ragsdale's horror thriller "Ghost House" dropped than was pulled (in a smart move) by the producers of the film.. So apparently the geniuses behind this flick, do not wish for anyone to see the trailer at this.. Anyways..

The film Stars: Scout Taylor-Compton, James Landry H├ębert, Michael S. New, Elana Krausz, Katrina Grey, Russell Geoffrey Banks, Rich Lee Gray and Mark Boone Junior..

Plot: Two Americans, lost in the Thai countryside, unknowingly disturb a sacred ghost house. They then find themselves haunted by a malevolent spirit determined to drive them insane or worse. Desperate for a solution, the couple spirals deeper into a surreal supernatural world leading them into a frenzied, terrifying confrontation with pure evil...

Written By: Rich Ragsdale, Kevin Ragsdale, Jason Chase Tyrrell and Kevin O'Sullivan - Directed By: Rich Ragsdale..