Sunday, August 20, 2017

8/20 My Thoughts On "Open Water 3: Cage"

Open Water 3: Cage Dive' Is another shitty lame ass found footage flick that centers around three asshats from the United States, filming an audition tape for some stupid reality extreme show in Australia.. Brothers Jeff, Josh and Megan (Jeff's girlfriend) decide to take part in a shark cage dive, only have the boat they were on capsized by a freak wave.. Now the trio have to-try-to survive in shark (Great White) infested waters..

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed the original Open Water film. The feeling of isolation and not knowing what is beneath you, gave the film that dreaded feeling of not knowing of what is coming.. Plus the main characters were likable..

Unfortunately you don't really get any of that in this movie.. Cage Dive only has a runtime of an 1:20 minutes, 7+ of those mins are devoted to end credits.. The first 32+ mins for the most part, is nothing more than just day to day jabbering bullshit.. To be honest only about 30 mins of this film does anything remotely interesting happen.. As I said earlier, the characters in the first film were likable - you cared what happen to them..

Not in this flick, here you are stuck with three of the worst/stupidest main characters I have ever seen, two of them being just horrible people.. These assholes continue to make one mistake after another to the point you find yourself rooting against their chances of survival.. lol I really want to go into details, but I wont.. Just in case you do want to check this ship wreck out.. As far as the acting goes, it wasn't good but not horrible..

Ultimately Open Water 3 is pretty much a rehash of the first film, minus the likable characters or the real sense of dread and isolation..

I'm giving the film a (D+), I did kind of enjoyed the ending, but all for the wrong reasons lol..

Open Water 3: Gage Dive' makes '47 Meters Down' look like a good movie..