Sunday, August 6, 2017

8/6 My Thoughts On "Phoenix Forgotten":

Finally watched "Phoenix Forgotten": (Produced by: Ridley Scott) I well remember the Phoenix lights back in 97, I was fascinated with the sightings.. It was a strange year when it came to these type events..

There was the Comet Hale–Bopp very visible in the night sky.. And we had the mass suicide of a religious cult Heaven's Gate (believing that an extraterrestrial spacecraft was following Hale-Bopp), all of this taking place in late March..

The film blends in a fictional story about three teenagers going missing in the wake of the true event that took place in March 1997, when mysterious lights (UFOs) appeared above Phoenix, Arizona..

I liked this movie, to me it is one of the better found footage flicks.. The story primarily centers on the character Josh, he records (camcorder) the strange lights over Phoenix - being obsessed with the mystery.. He recruits a couple of friends Ashley and Mark to help investigate into what is really going. The trio head out in to desert in hopes of documenting the event on a more personal level, than poof..

The trio is never heard from again - now 20 years later Josh's younger sister Sophie, is making a documentary on the disappearance of her brother and his friends.. She soon discovers unseen footage from that frighting night.. If you hate the found footage genre, than you will probably hate Phoenix Forgotten.. The film doesn't do anything new with the gimmick..

But like I said above, I enjoyed the flick.. Being only 87 mins long, the story moves alone pretty fast.. I thought the acting was ok, but nothing special..

Grade: B

Cast: Florence Hartigan, Luke Spencer Roberts, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews and Clint Jordan.. Directed By: Justin Barber - Written By: T.S. Nowlin and Justin Barber..