Monday, August 7, 2017

8/7 Bruce Campbell Talks Season Three "Ash vs Evil Dead":

There has been a lot of speculation when it comes to the premiere date for season three of "Ash vs Evil Dead".. Season 3 wrapped production back in June, but Starz has been pretty quiet when it comes to details about the next season.

Rumor has it Starz wants to move the show out of October, because of the competition being to heavy with shows like Stranger Things and The Walking Dead both premiering in October.. In a recent interview with RedCarpetCrash, Bruce Campbell was asked about the release date for season three:

Hey, when you hear the date let me know. Starz has said a couple different things about possibly shifting the premiere date to try and get a cleaner slot within the year. So we don't know. It'll be fall or first quarter 2018, is my guess."

"We blew the doors off with episodes nine and ten this season. At the end of season three, hopefully you will need to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see what we've done, the way we've wrapped up the season. It's pretty big. Nothing will ever be the same by the end of this season. Everything you think is true is not, everything you think is not true is, so it's a big whopper of a tale. I think, honestly, Starz is excited about the outcome and I think they want to see those in finished form, and that will help them make their decision. But I know that they really dig the last two episodes, and it may be enough..."