Monday, August 7, 2017

8/7 First Look At Josh Brolin In "DEADPOOL" Sequel:

As I have said in previous post, I don't usually touch on comic book movies, to be honest I find them kind of boring.. But there are a few I have really enjoyed, There are a few I really enjoyed like - especially films like Logan (being one of my favorite movies of all time) and DEADPOOL.. Both films had a horror/sci-fi vibe to them..

Anyways we finally get our first look at Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers aka Cable.. Now if you are like me and wondering who the hell Cable is, apparently:

Nathan Christopher Charles Summers was born to Scott and Madelyne Pryor-Summers, as a weapon for Mr. Sinister to use against Apocalypse, and has been fighting in wars most of his life. A powerful mutant telepath and telekinetic, Nathan was so powerful that his powers manifested at a young age. After his mother died trying to sacrifice him, Nathan was infected by Apocalypse with the Techno-Organic Virus, that was set to kill him, until his father sent him into the future for treatment. After being raised as the Askani'son, the one destined to kill Apocalypse, in the Clan Askani religion, Nathan became a hardened warrior and brilliant tactician.

After founding the Clan Chosen and losing the war, Nathan began to travel through time. Nathan eventually returned some fifteen years older than his father, calling himself Cable. With immense powers often on the fritz, Cable sought to better the future of mankind, for he had seen the result of not doing so first-hand. After years of trying to eliminate threats, Cable eventually began a pacifist mentality and created the island Providence. After the birth of the messiah child, Cable faked his death and rescued her, taking her deep into the future, from the rogue X-Man, Bishop. After returning with an eighteen year old Hope Summers, he seemingly died bringing X-Force back from stopping a scheme of Bastion. (Source: Marvel Database)

The film also Star: Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapicic, T.J. Miller, Leslie Uggams, Jack Kesy and Karan Soni..

Written By: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Drew Goddard - Directed By: David Leitch.. The sequel to DEADPOOL' will land in theaters June 1, 2018..