Friday, September 15, 2017

9/15 'IT' Gets Extended

Have you seen the BIG screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT? If not, what are you waiting for? Go check the film out! The flick has been dominating the box office over the past few days.. It now appears when IT finally does land on home media, we will be getting an extended version..

While chatting with Yahoo director Andy Muschietti revealed that an extended 15-minutes longer director’s cut of the film will be forthcoming for home video release:

There’s a great scene… it’s a bit of a payoff of the Stanley Uris plot. The bar mitzvah,” Muschietti teased one of the deleted scenes. “He delivers a speech against all expectations in the room… he just goes on with a speech that is completely unexpected, basically blaming all the adults of Derry. And it has a great resolution.”

“There’s a very funny bit in the quarry,” Muschietti added, digging into another excised scene. “The quarry scene is extended. After the spitting contest… they’re on the cliff, the edge of the cliff… they’re having a spitting contest and they have to jump. And then Beverly shows up. We opened up that moment and we extended it, and there’s like… it escalates into something that is completely weird and… irrelevant to the scene… but it’s so funny. Jack Grazer, who plays Eddie, does something that is completely bonkers.”

I've seen the movie twice now in theaters and may go again before the film leaves my cinema.. I absolutely loved the flick.. If you guys want to check my thoughts on the movie, My review is up..

Plot: In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, leaving behind torn body parts/remains. Soon afterwards, in a place known as 'The Barrens', a group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with a clown called Pennywise, which they all share, but one kid, Bill Denborough, has a more personal vendetta with the clown.

27 years after their last encounter together with Pennywise, the 'Losers Club' has regrouped from their successful lives and businesses by Mike Hanlon,the only member of the Losers Club that stayed in Derry, because IT has returned, and kids are disappearing again.

The only problem is that they have all forgotten what occurred that summer. But through a blood oath, they return. It's up to The Lucky Seven to regain their memories, to think of the key to killing Pennywise, and to stay alive long enough to end his tyranny but to also realize what brought them together in the first place..

Written by: Chase Palmer, Gary Dauberman and Stephen King (Novel) - Directed by: Andrés Muschietti (Mama)... IT' Stars: Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Bill Skarsgård, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor.