Monday, September 4, 2017

9/4 "The Kindred" Will Finally Come To Blu-ray And DVD:

It appears Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow's 1987 sci-fi horror film "The Kindred" will finally make it's way onto blu-ray and dvd.. The film has never received an official release on dvd mainly due to legal issues - 10 years ago Synapse Films purchased the rights to the film but was never able to release it because of a legal battle..

With all legal issues out of the way Synapse Films plans to release the film sometime next year, the blu-ray/dvd will be much more gory than original U.S. release - because the company was able to uncover new never before seen material..

Plot: A geneticist takes his assistants to his old family home to locate the deadly product of his late mother's revolutionary research into rapid human evolution - his monstrous tentacled baby brother, before a mad scientist gets to him first.

Cast: Rod Steiger, Kim Hunter, Talia Balsam, Amanda Pays, Kim Hunter, Kim Hunter, Peter Frechette, Julia Montgomery, Bunky Jones, Charles Grueber, Bennet Guillory, Edgar Small and David Allen Brooks..

Written By: Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow, John Penney, Earl Ghaffari and Joseph Stefano - Directed By: Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow..