Friday, January 26, 2018

Release Date For 'GUARDIANS OF THE TOMB' Starring Kelsey Grammer

On February 23rd, Gravitas will release Kimble Rendall's long talked about creepy spider movie now titled GUARDIANS OF THE TOMB (once known as 7 Guardians Of The Tomb aka The Nest 3D) in to theaters (limited) and VOD/Digital HD..

Oddly enough a new poster has dropped as well, under the title '7 Guardians Of The Tomb'.. Note to filmmakers, how about just stick with one title? Anyways

Cast, Kelsey Grammer, Kellan Lutz, Bingbing Li, Stef Dawson, Tim Draxl, Shane Jacobson, Ryan Johnson, Chloe Guy, Chun Wu, Jason Chong, Jip Panosot, Christine Milo, Victoria Liu and Lawrence Mah.

Story, A team of scientists who innocently stumble upon a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 BC China - unearthing a 2000-year-old nightmare. After losing a colleague in the ancient labyrinth, the group must battle their way through a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders and discover the secret behind the insects’ power and unusual intelligence...

Written by Kimble Rendall and Paul Staheli - Directed by Kimble Rendall..