Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Freestyle Digital Media Takes 'AYLA' Starring Tristan Risk

Press Release: Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired North American rights to the multiple award-winning supernatural thriller AYLA. AYLAdebuts on VOD and will be available to rent and own on digital HD across U.S. cable, internet, and satellite platforms throughFreestyle Digital Media on April 3, 2018.

AYLA tells the story of a man, Elton, left lost and damaged since he was a young boy by the unexplained death of his 4-year-old sister, Ayla. All throughout adulthood, Elton has mourned the life with her that could have been. Elton’s days and nights are inhabited by the presence of a mysterious woman, and as his obsession with the woman grows, he becomes convinced she’s his sister Ayla, returned now as an adult. Resolving to find her at all costs, Elton plunges further down a rabbit hole forged by his own loneliness and desire, but who or what will emerge?

Written and directed by Elias (“Gut”), AYLA features an ensemble cast including Tristan Risk (“American Mary”), Nicholas Wilder (“Gut”), Dee Wallace (“The Howling”), Sarah Schoofs (“Phobia”), D’Angelo Midili (“The Invoking”), Bill Oberst Jr. (“Resolution”), and Andrew Sensenig (“We Are Still Here”). AYLA is a co-production between Clayface Pictures (“Dark”) and The October People (“Hunting Grounds”).

Freestyle Digital Media Acquisitions Coordinator, Miguel Johnson, negotiated the deal for AYLA with The October People’s Matt Medisch and Clayface Picture’s Elias. “We’re delighted to have found a home for AYLA with Freestyle Digital Media,” says filmmaker Elias.

“Freestyle Digital Media’s strong presence in the digital marketplace will be a huge asset in helping AYLA find and reach audiences,” adds Matt Medisch.