Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Trailer For Italian Horror Film 'The Antithesis':

The trailer for Francesco Mirabelli's upcoming Italian horror film The Antithesis has made its way online. The cast, Crisula Stafida, Marina Loi, Nives Gaudioso, Giulia Ivana Clemente, Karolina Cernic, Giuseppe Scaglione, Giuseppe Contino, Germano Martorana.

The story, A young geologist is called to investigate to a home where paranormal phenomena occur due to extreme thermal swings. Once settled in the house, the researcher will find himself caught in a spiral of horror and madness from which there may be no escape...

Written by Francesco Mirabelli, Stefano Ricciardi and Francesco Basso - Directed by Francesco Mirabelli. The Antithesis' will land on DVD on July 17th, via BayView Entertainment.