Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Female-led Horror Comedy 'HOUSESITTERS' Now Available On Amazon Prime:

The female-led indie horror/stoner comedy 'HOUSESITTERS' is now available on Amazon Prime in the US and UK. The movie is available free with Prime subscription or for rental.

HOUSESITTERS had its world premiere at the inaugural Windy City Horrorama horror film festival in Chicago in April 2018 and garnered positive notices for its highly unique take on familiar genre territory.

Plot: Angie and Izzy get a housesitting gig that's too good to be true. A nice house, a big TV, and a platinum card to order in more food than they could ever eat in one lifetime! But there are a couple of catches: the big bloody pentagram on the floor in the basement, and the little demon with big teeth lurking upstairs. Who will survive the night, and will there be leftover kimchi for them to enjoy?

Written by Jason Coffman, Annie Watkins, Jamie Jirak - Directed by Jason Coffman. The flick stars: Peter Ash, Jay J. Bidwell, Alistair G. Burnham, Henrique Couto, Tania Fox, John R. Hand, Desmond Jablonski-Vovola, Jamie Jirak, Jason Coffman, Bethanie Louise, Jillian McKeown, Mariah Michael, Karen Murphy, James Timothy Peters, Robert G. Putka.

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