Friday, August 10, 2018

Limited Release For 'GET MY GUN':

Press Release: GET MY GUN, following its festival run, is now making its way onto the big screen at theaters in select cities this September. Met with critical praise from some of the top genre outlets, 'GET MY GUN is an absolute triumph of a film - a smart and compelling script that is flawlessly executed by way of three powerhouse female performances.' ~ Stephanie Malone (Morbidly Beautiful)

Written and directed by Brian Darwas, 'GET MY GUN is a grindhouse gem that tells a grueling tale of female empowerment and doesn't hold back'. ~ Daniel Kurland (Bloody Disgusting).

Synopsis: Cleaning hotel rooms is how Amanda (a fearless Kate Hoffman) makes ends meet, but one day, she enters the wrong room. Brutally attacked, Amanda is left both emotionally shattered and pregnant. Looking to forge ahead, the resilient young woman must to tap into her basest survival instincts when a relentless stalker makes their intentions known.

Cast: Kate Hoffman, Rosanne Rubino, Christy Casey, William Jousset, Jacqueline Guillen, Wayne Gurman, Katherine Getz, Rew Starr, Colleen Bellise, Daisy Hooks, Sol Keller.

Theater Dates:

- September 1st - Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington, NY)

- September 1st - Coolidge Corner (Boston, MA)

- September 1st - Drexel Theater (Columbus, OH)

- September 1st - 4th - The Globe (Alberta, Canada)

- September 1st - Film Noir Cinema (Brooklyn, NY)

- September 1st & 5th - Screening Room (Buffalo, NY)

- September 2nd - 4th - Clinton St. Theater (Portland, OR)

- September 6th - Circle Cinema (Tulsa, OK)

- September 7th - Little Theatre (Rochester, NY)

- September 7th - New Parkway (Oakland, CA)

- September 8th - O-Cinema (Miami, FL)

- September 11th - Art Theatre (Long Beach, CA)

- September 12th - Film Scene (Iowa City, IA)

- September 14th & 15th - The Music Box (Chicago, IL)

- October 2nd - Alamo Drafthouse (Yonkers, NY)