Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Poster And Trailer For Dustin Mills 'Slaughterhouse Slumber Party':

The official trailer for the upcoming horror comedy 'Slaughterhouse Slumber Party' has landed online. The flick stars: Erin R. Ryan, Haley Jay Madison, Kayla Elizabeth, Joni Durian, Brittany Blanton, J. Ania Lupa, Melissa Sue Zahs, Kenzie Phillips, Roni Jonah, Ariel Jarchow, Eve Moreau, Lucretia Sturgeon.

Plot: A group of gorgeous gal pals are horrified when one of their friends dies in a tragic naked pillow fight accident during their annual Slumber Party. Fearing legal repercussions, the ladies dump her body in a swamp and forge a runaway letter. A year later, the girls reunite to boob it up one more time with a saucy Slumber Party for the ages, only to have their party pooped by the vengeful spirit of their dear departed friend. Trapped by magic, surrounded by evil, and very underdressed; will they survive the night? Or will this Slumber Party become a Slaughterhouse?

Written and Directed by Dustin Mills - The film is set to be released sometime early next year.