4/24 Taissa Farmiga Joins "THE NUN":

Taissa Farmiga (younger sister of Vera Farmiga) has signed on to star in Corin Hardy's upcoming Conjuring 2 spin-off "THE NUN".. Farmiga has starred in American Horror Story, The Final Girls and Wicked City..

The film is set to land in theaters July 13th 2018..

The story will center around the creepy ass nun from Conjuring 2, James Wan will serve as a producer along with Peter Safran.. David Leslie Johnson (co-writer for The Conjuring 2) will handle the script.. Corin Hardy directed the 2015 flick "The Hallow", he is also attached to the upcoming reboot of THE CROW.. But who knows if that project will ever see the light of day..

This will be WB/New Line's second spin-off from the Conjuring, the first being Annabelle back in 2014..

To be honest I was not a fan of Annabelle, it was mediocre at best - but the film made a ton of cash, pulling in $256,873,813 million Worldwide... So I'm hoping The Nun will be on par with the Conjuring and the sequel, both were excellent films..

4/24 I Watched "Birdemic: Shock and Terror"

"Birdemic: Shock and Terror" A horde of mutated birds descends upon the quiet town of Half Moon Bay, California. With the death toll rising, Two citizens manage to fight back, but will they survive?

Cast: Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Janae Caster, Colton Osborne, Adam Sessa, Rick Camp, Stephen Gustavson.. Written and Directed By: James Nguyen..

I rarely rip on a film, I usually find some enjoyment even if the flick is not very good.. That being said the only positive thing I can say about "Birdemic", I thought Whitney Moore at least tried to do something with the role she was given..

Birdemic is a horrible mess, it's not one of those "it's so bad, it's good" - no no! It's just bad, really really bad! I mean bad.. The acting is horrendously (some might say horrifying), the cgi birds were just ridiculous, hell the director should have just went with paper birds on a string - at least that would have been somewhat entertaining.. Directing, writing, sound, editing, all bad tooooo shockingly bad..

Avoid this monumental crap-fest at all cost.. Grade: F

4/24 New Clip For "Resident Evil: Vendetta"

Sony Pictures has released a new official clip for Capcom and Kadokawa upcoming CG flick "Resident Evil: Vendetta".. The film is Written By: Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass) and Directed Dy: Takanori Tsujimoto (ltraman X). Hiroyuki Kobayashi.

Plot: BSAA Chris Redfield enlists the help of government agent Leon S. Kennedy and Professor Rebecca Chambers from Alexander Institute of Biotechnology to stop a death merchant with a vengeance from spreading a deadly virus in New York...

Resident Evil: Vendetta' will be released in Japan on May 27, 2017..

4/24 New International Trailer For Universal Pictures "THE MUMMY":

A new International trailer for Universal Pictures upcoming "THE MUMMY" reboot, has worked it's way online... Written by: Jon Spaihts and Directed by: Alex Kurtzman..

Plot: Thought safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen (Sofia Boutella) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension..

From the sweeping sands of the Middle East through hidden labyrinths under modern-day London, The Mummy brings a surprising intensity and balance of wonder and thrills in an imaginative new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters...

Cast: Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Javier Botet, Courtney B. Vance, Shina Shihoko Nagai,Marwan Kenzari and Russell Crowe.. THE MUMMY' will land in theaters June 9th, 2017..

4/24 New Clip For "RUPTURE" Starring Noomi Rapace:

A new clip for Steven Shainberg's upcoming sci-fi thriller "RUPTURE" has landed online.. Cast: Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, Prometheus and Passion), Peter Stormare (Fargo, Armageddon, Bruiser, Minority Report), Kerry Bishé (Argo, Red State) and Michael Chiklis (The Commish, Fantastic Four, The Shield, American Horror Story, Gotham)

Written By: Steven Shainberg and Brian Nelson - Directed By: Steven Shainberg... The film is being produced By: Andrew Lazar (American Sniper), along with Christina Weiss Lurie and Steven Shainberg...

Plot: Renee Morgan is terrified of spiders. A single mom living in a quiet suburb with her twelve year old son, Renee doesn’t know that her every move is being monitored by mysterious strangers. When her son goes off to spend time with his father, Renee is kidnapped and taken to a distant laboratory. Her captors tell her she carries the DNA of an ancient race of aliens.

Confronting her greatest fears will cause Renee’s cells to rupture and release her inner alien – provided she survives. Renee is subjected to agonizing tests, the worst involving spiders. Overcome by terror, Renee’s cells erupt and she transforms into a monstrous alien. The strangers plan to colonize Earth with their resurrected alien species. They return Renee to her home in human form, where she now must decide whether to protect her son – or allow him to share his alien birthright...

The film will also star: Ari Millen, Lesley Manville, Percy Hynes White, Jean Yoon, Joel Labelle, Jonathan Potts, Brendan Jeffers, Sergio Di Zio, Morgan Kelly and Paul Popowich..

"RUPTURE" will receive a (limited) theater run and VOD/Digital HD coming April 28th..


4/23 Trailer, Poster And Release Date For "American Exorcism":

On May 22nd Uncork’d Entertainment will release Tripp Weathers possession flick "American Exorcism" on to VOD, with a DVD release coming August 1st.. The film stars: Jessica Morris, Michael Filipowich, Sicily Fontaine, Luke Wright, John Paul Sales, William McKinney, Kate Tumanova and Jennifer Lee Wiggins..

Plot: Damon (Michael Filipowich, Longmire) was once possessed by a vicious demonic entity leaving him physically and emotionally damaged but giving him certain powerful abilities. Unfortunately for Damon exorcised demons don’t truly die and they certainly don’t forget...

Written and Directed by: Tripp Weathers.. You can check out the official trailer and poster for the flick, down below..

4/23 Blu-Ray And DVD Release Date For "The Belko Experiment":

On June 13th Greg McLean's horror thriller "The Belko Experiment" will make it's way on to Digital HD, with a blu-ray and DVD release coming June 27th.. The film Stars: Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, John C. McGinley , Tony Goldwyn, John Gallagher Jr., Mikaela Hoover, Abraham Benrubi and Adria Arjona..

Plot: On what appears to be a normal day at Belko Industries, Belko employees are horrified when they find out that they’ve become guinea pigs in a company-wide experiment which will lead them to either kill their fellow employees or be murdered themselves. The experiment is masterminded by a mysterious voice which is controlling the loud speaker and instructing the employees to slaughter each other by any means necessary...

Written By: James Gunn and Directed By: Greg McLean..

Blu-ray and DVD Special Features:

* Rules of the Game: The Secrets Behind The Belko Experiment

* Lee Hardcastle’s Survival Tips

* Deleted Scenes

* Gallery

4/23 New Promo Clip For "ALIEN: COVENANT":

A new International promo clip (WARNING may contain spoilers) for Ridley Scott's upcoming sequel to Prometheus "ALIEN: COVENANT" has landed online.. The film Stars: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, James Franco, Callie Hernandez, Guy Pearce, Billy Crudup, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo, Danny McBride and Noomi Rapace..

Plot: Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world -- whose sole inhabitant is the "synthetic" David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition...

Written by: Michael Green, John Logan and Jack Paglen - Directed by: Ridley Scott... Look for ALIEN: COVENANT to land in theaters May 19th 2017, via Twentieth Century Fox..

4/23 I Watched "PULSE (1988)":

PULSE is a wonderful 80s sci-fi horror flick, the story centers around a young boy David (played by Joey Lawrence) visiting his divorced father Bill (played by Cliff De Young) for the summer.. The boy soon discovers there is an evil paranormal intelligence inhabiting within the electrical grid system of Los Angeles..

If you enjoy 80s sci-fi horror, you will definitely love PULSE.. The vibe of the flick kind of reminded me of The Gate (1987), another awesome 80s horror movie.. The film is not prefect, some might find it a bit slow.. It's rated PG-13, so gore count is extremely low.. But the flick does have a pretty intense shower scene..

Usually child actors give very wooden performances but I thought Joey Lawrence did excellent job.. Once again Cliff De Young gives a great performance as the dad..

Roxanne Hart plays the step mom (Ellen) she is the only one besides David that believes something strange is going on in the neighborhood .. Matthew Lawrence (Joey Lawrence's little brother) plays Stevie, his actually pretty damn funny - his the only kid willing to hang out with David..

I'm going to give the film a Grade: B


4/21 Poster For and Release Date For Edward Evers-Swindell’s "Dark Signal":

The official poster for Edward Evers-Swindell’s "Dark Signal" has worked it's way online.. The film Stars: Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, Duncan Pow, Cinzia Monreale, Eleanor Gecks, James Cosmo, Sioned Jones, Amelie Leroy, Kai Coleman and Joanna Ignaczewska..

Plot: The story centers around a spirit of a murdered girl returning with a message for the staff of a local radio station...

Written By: Edward Evers-Swindell and Antony Jones - Directed By: Edward Evers-Swindell.. XLrator Media will release "Dark Signal" in to theaters (limited) on June 2nd, with a VOD and iTunes releasing coming June 6th..