Friday, March 9, 2018

Ratings Trouble For 'Ash vs Evil Dead'

It looks like the end may be near for Ash vs Evil Dead, in its third season the series has seen it's viewership cut in half. Going from over 400 thousand views an episode back in season one, to below 200 thousand an episode for season three.

In my personal opinion the series has two major problems - for one' each episode only has around a 30 minutes runtime, people would rather just wait and binge the entire season when it comes up for sell on blu-ray/dvd or when it lands on Netflix. And two the series airs on Starz, I hate to say it but Starz is a dying pay channel. If you are already paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu' you are looking at about $40 dollars a month - not counting your ISP bill. Who the hell wants to have to pay for Starz as well? When is it enough?

I really think the series should be moved to one of the big three. I believe it would have a much better chance of surviving. I would love to see the show continue, but sadly that doesn't look like it will happen. If you want to save the show, subscribe to Starz and start watching!